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Monday, October 31, 2011

Effective November 1, 2011, version 2.2 of the U-FLI Rules and Regulations will go into effect.  In an effort to help familiarize you with the new rules, we have created a Summary of Changes.

Perhaps the most exciting change to the rules is the addition of the Pre-Flight Singles Class intended for dogs that are not yet 'race ready'. 

This class is was created in response to our competitors concerns for more competitive Singles racing, and to eliminate the issue of dogs entered in the Single Dog or Pairs classes that are unable to race head to head with their opponent. 

In the Pre-Flight Singles Class:

  • Dogs entered in this class will be in two races, four heats each.
  • False starts will not be re-run.
  • Times will not be recorded.
  • No judges are required, however the participant may provide their own 'judges' if they desire.
  • Gating and or props, of any kind will not be allowed.
  • Participant with the competing dog, has the option of allowing another dog in the ring with its' own handler.
  • The warm-up time allowed will be the same as allowed for Singles and Pairs at the event.
  • An overall time limit of 10 minutes, to run the 4 heats, for each race will apply.
  • Both dogs must have a RUN and be of racing age.
  • Handlers can release at any time.
  • During a race, the dogs entered in this class may use one or both lanes as the participants choose.
  • The competing dog may not be entered in any other class.
  • Dogs entered in this class will not earn U-FLI points.
  • This class of racing can be offered by the Host club before, during or after regular racing.
  • Host club fees paid to U-FLI are based on Singles.
  • All other racing rules apply.

To review all of the rules, please download a copy of version 2.2 of the U-FLI Rules and Regulations and the companion document Summary of Changes.

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