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Health Benefits of Flyball for People!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Because of some chronic, but not life threatening health concerns, John Tresise, of RF Revolution Flyball Team, participated in a health/nutrition/weigh loss program at the University of Nevada, at Reno.  The Exercise Physiologist on the team built a program for him that included riding a stationary bicycle.  John told his Exercise Physiologist that his riding a bicycle just wasn't going to happen, and besides, he participated in a sport called "Flyball" that gave him plenty of exercise on a regular basis. 

"Flyball?  What's that?"  It all started there!  As a result, he has worn a special pedometer at all the tournaments he has attended over the last 8 months. Mary, his Exercise Physiologist, was quite astounded at the data she got and decided to publish her findings. The result is an article for the International Council on Active Aging, which I think turns out to be more of an amazing advertisement for flyball then anything else, and approaches it from a very different perspective than usual.  

As a sad side note, the day after the article was published, John's yellow lab, Buffy, the dog pictured in the article, and the main reason he got into flyball in the first place, succumbed to the effects of a rattlesnake bite she received while taking a run in the desert a couple of days before. 

To learn more, download the article listed below!

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