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Tournament of Champions FAQ's

Monday, September 12, 2011

Whether you are attending our Tournament of Champions, in St. Louis, at Purina Farms, for the 1st time, or you are a repeat competitor, we hope the following FAQ's will assist you in your planning!

Q: How much room is there for crating?

A: There is adequate room for dog crates, chairs, etc. in the air-conditioned crating room.  Keep in mind that stacking crates might be necessary, depending on how many dogs you are bringing.  Crating areas will be pre-assigned.  There are rollup doors throughout the building so that you can easily and conveniently unload and pack in and pack out of your crating area.

Q: Do I need to bring fans or heaters for the crating area?

A: The crating area is cooled/heated, however, depending on how many crates you plan on stacking or having in your area might necessitate a fan or heater.

Q: Is there a raffle?

A: Yes there is!  Proceeds will benefit a local animal shelter.

Q: Are there any off leash areas to walk/run my dog(s)?
A: Yes.  Purina Farms is situated on acres of wooded open space far from road traffic.  You can walk your dogs on the nearby trails.

Q: Is there food on site?
A: Yes!  There is a café in the building that offers very reasonably priced snacks and full meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner items, as well as a variety of beverages.  It opens early in the morning and closes late afternoon.  Dessert items, ice cream and more are also served throughout the day.  Outside food cannot be brought into the facility.

Q: Are food and drinks allowed in the crating area?
A: Food and drink is restricted in the crating area.  Water is allowed in the crating area however.  There is no alcohol allowed in the building.  There is a café on site that offers food throughout the day.

Q: Can we pay for camping when we arrive?
A: Camping fees must be paid in advance.  If you decide to stay longer than originally anticipated, you can pay the balance on site.

Q: How can we let people know we have dogs available for a pick-up team?
A: The best way to connect with others to run on a Dream Team or Pairs on Friday or on a pick-up team in the regular tournament that runs the entire weekend, is to send an e-mail to: UFLI.CHcommittee@gmail.com.  We can help put you in touch with others so that you can start putting together your pick-up team. 

Q: Can we arrive early and camp before the tournament?
A: Yes.  There is an RV campground on site and you can make a reservation and pay in advance by contacting Stephanie Smith at k9sr4flyball@yahoo.com.   Reservation information and form available on our website by clicking on: Reservation Form

Q: Will my dog earn U-FLI points during the singles, pairs and dream team challenge?
A:  Your dog will earn points during the regular tournament that runs Saturday and Sunday, as well as during the Championship tournament. 

Q: My team cannot make it.  Can I come by myself and enter just in Friday's tournament?
A: Yes!  As long as your dog has a U-FLI number, you can enter in the Singles, Pairs, Dream Team Challenge, and regular tournament on a pick-up team.  If you need to find others who might be looking to put together a team, post on the U-FLI flyball e-mail list at flyballlist@googlegroups.com.  If you can't bring a dog with you, consider coming to watch the event, even help line, or box judge while enjoying the state-of-the-art facility.

Q: How long will it take us to get there from the airport?

A:  About one hour.

Q: Are the hotels close by and where can I find them?
A: We have a contract with the Holiday Inn Six Flags; it is our host hotel.  However, there is a Travelodge about 5 minutes from the facility.  You can also find additional hotels on the Purina website at: Purina Farms

Q: How far is it to restaurants in the area?  Are there any open late?

A:  Eureka is going to have the best selection of restaurants.  It is about 15 minutes from Purina Farms.  We recommend calling the restaurant prior to heading out to verify hours.

Q: What happens if we sign up and then we cannot make the trip?
A:  Entry fees are non-refundable.

Q: Can I sell tugs or other stuff from my crating area?
A:  If you are a paid vendor, you can sell items from your crating area.  Otherwise, you cannot.


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