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Test Flight at TOC - Updated with Schedule!

Monday, September 26, 2022


Back by popular demand, Test Flight will be offered again this year! It will be held in a single ring on Friday only and will coincide with the sanctioned racing event. Gather your friends and teammates or come alone and rent the entire ring for $30 for 10 minutes. Up to 8 dogs are welcome in the ring at one time, with 4 in each lane. Use the time to warmup a team, test out a new lineup, or have some fun with old/young dogs that won't have the opportunity to play over the weekend!

The SCHEDULE is now available, as of 10/16/22!

All dogs are eligible to participate in Test Flight (puppies, dogs that are listed on teams, etc.). U-FLI reserves the right to excuse dog(s) from Test Flight if they prove to be a distraction or safety concern for dogs racing in the sanctioned event.

Entries will be accepted online until October 9 th. There will be a separate schedule and a separate link on Flyball Geek. As with PreFlight, when one Test Flight session is over, the next will start, so be present and prepared and ready to play.

In the event of a conflict, sanctioned racing will take precedence, so please advise the Test Flight table (NOT THE PIT BOSS) of any foreseeable concerns.

Entries will be limited to 40. The Limited Entries guidelines as stated in Section 8.3 of the rule book will be used in the event that the limit is exceeded.

With any questions, please email championship@u-fli.com

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