• August 14 - November 14, 2021
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U-FLI Rules V 3.0

Saturday, August 07, 2021

U-FLI is happy to announce that we have updated our rules.  Most of the updates in the new U-FLI Rulebook V 3.0 do not alter or affect the rules but are simply clarification of the intent of the rule.  Areas that have been updated or added are listed below, with a detailed summary and V 3.0 available for you to download at the end of this posting:

  • Clarify Participant eligibility and standing
  • Updated the number of days from 120 to 90 for changing clubs
  • Additional verbiage to further clarify only dog entered in pre-flight can use pre-flight time
  • Addition of verbiage clarifying jump height and forfeiture of any heats run at a lower jump
  • Includes addendum to rules regarding false starts published 07/11/19
  • Clarification regarding teams that breakout 3 times and times are still recorded for Standard/Variety teams
  • Addition of language regarding reinstatement process for dogs that have been excused for aggression
  • Addition of the Affinity Program
  • Updated the wording in the Record section to reflect modern verbiage and further clarify validation process
  • Additional verbiage added regarding accepting of entries for tournaments
  • Added information regarding host teams creating their own schedules
  • Added information regarding title plaques
  • Added verbiage that guidelines are published annually on the website
  • All forms have been updated and added back into the rulebook

We encourage all participants to take some time and familiarize yourselves with the rules!


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