• August 14 - November 14, 2021
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2020 Championship Thoughts


Thursday, October 22, 2020

After hosting the first flyball championship in the world in 2006, as we approach the weekend that was planned for the 2020 U-FLI Tournament of Champions, thoughts of planning and competing come to mind.  Since its inception, this is the first year we will not be racing. 

The teamwork that blends people from across North America to execute the championship is nothing short of amazing.  The sound of silence in that vast building when we first arrive for setup, followed by the transformation we create to host three days of racing and vendor booths is an experience in itself.  Over the years, many people simply have found a task that they excel in and that needs to be done, and every year, like clockwork; they help with planning as well as show up to help throughout the weekend, and before we know it - it is done!

The variety of dogs, competitors, teams, and sportsmanship cannot be beat!  The number of friendships and memories that have been created over the years are treasured; all charged with laughter and hugs of joy.  It is a special bond that is created during that weekend and we are going to miss it this year.  We are looking forward to returning next year and celebrating together.

Until then if you have any special U-FLI Championship moments you want to share; please do!




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