• Oct. 6 - 8
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Thinking of You!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

To our valued customers and friends, During this very scary time in our countries, U-FLI would like to thank you all for your support the past 15 years.  We have developed very close friendships that will survive during the COVIID-19 crisis and become stronger when we get a chance to be together once again. At the forefront of our concern is your wellbeing and safety.  Please heed the direction set down by the World Health Organization, CDC and your governments (local & federal).  We all look to the day this will pass and we can all get back to playing flyball once again.  In closing, let us share our only concern is your health and we support you 100% in your decisions.  Social distancing is hard on everyone.  Reach out to your friends and family and give them all your love and support as we navigate through this pandemic. Thank you and God bless each of you. U-FLI Board of Directors

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