• August 14 - November 14, 2021
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Championship Date Changes Follow Up

Thursday, January 23, 2020

After the 2019 Tournament of Champions, several competitors told us they would not be attending the 2020 event due to it being in November.  The date for this year's event was changed in an effort to respond to the concerns our competitors had when the event was held in November.  Most recently, in 2018, it was brutally cold, and it was very difficult and unpleasant for those that were camping, as well as when dogs had to be walked outside.  In addition, many people had to cancel their RV plans and try to find a hotel at the very last minute.

It is not our intention to inconvenience anyone, nor complicate things in your lives - we are trying to make the best choice possible given the options we have for our event.    

Although Purina was booked solid, we did request a change should something become available.  We were lucky enough to have a date open up at Purina for October and we confirmed everything yesterday.  It was posted on our website last night, followed by Facebook this morning after all places that the old date was published were able to be updated

We wanted to try and create some continuity to our event so that if possible, it would be in October each year.  With Purina's help, we now have achieved that through 2024.

The dates for each year are listed below:

Oct 23-25, 2020

Oct 22-24, 2021

Oct 21-23, 2022

Oct 6-8, 2023

Oct 25-27, 2024

Details for each year will be released as they develop.




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