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Photography Crew for 2019

Photo by: Nicole Hrustyk
Photo by: Nicole Hrustyk
Photo by: Adam Short
Photo by: Adam Short
Photo by: Liz Werner
Photo by: Liz Werner

Sunday, September 08, 2019

We are so fortunate to have three talented photographers, with plenty of dog-sport experience, to cover our 2019 Tournament of Champions.  

Nicole Hrustyk

Nicole is a pet photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in outdoor natural light pet portraits.  However, as a dog sport enthusiast and a retired flyball fanatic, shooting performance dogs will always be one of her passions.  

She is looking forward to the opportunity to shoot such an awesome event at her favorite venue under amazing lighting!

To learn more about Nicole, check out her website:


Adam Short

Adam Short is owner of Æ Ambient Exposure Photography and he has been photographing dog sports for over 10 years. His illustrious background is in animation, illustration, design and photography and he currently teaches visual arts at the master's level, as well as being an elementary K-2 art teacher.  But, on nights and weekends he photographs anything and everything to continue to pursue excellence in photography.

He is a 'in the moment' kind of shooter vs posed - spontaneous captured moments freeze time and last forever.  Adam is always easy to spot sporting no shoes in shorts, regardless of freezing temperatures and refusing to stay in one place!

To learn more about Adam, check out his website:  


Liz Werner

Liz owns Paws In Motion Pet Photography and Pet Services, which is a small company based out of North Vancouver, British Columbia that focuses on offering fitness hikes and dog photography in the area.

She has been selling photos professionally since 2000, and in 2012 discovered dog sports and hasn't looked back.  Liz was one of our photographers at the 2017 U-FLI Champs and is thrilled to be back this year, giving her an opportunity to see old friends and meet some new participants as well! 

To learn more about Liz, check out her website:  


Thank you in advance; Nicole Hrustyk, Adam Short and Liz Werner - we know you will do a great job and we can't wait to see the pictures!

Please note:  

It is our policy that non-official photographers, local drop ins, hobby photographers or those 'hired' by teams, refrain from any racing photography during the three-day event.







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