• Oct 18 The 2019 U-FLI Tournament of Champions
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2018 Tournament of Champions Thank You!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Thank You!

2018 U-FL Tournament of Champions,

Meet Me in St. Louis, Dream Teams, Pairs and Singles Championship!

The Best teams in the world competed at the Tournament of Champions with very close racing, as well as incredible sportsmanship exhibited in all divisions!  Three days of racing.  Competitors and handlers from all over the world (literally as far as from Japan and Alaska).  Dogs of all sizes, colors and breeds.  Precious kids and their dogs.  Barking, fast times, spit balls, re-runs, sunshine, snow, and personal bests on so many levels!   

‘Thank you’ for all the support we received before, during and after our 2018 Tournament of Champions!  Once again, we’d like to thank our workers as we think they are the best!

  • !-TDC for Sponsoring us every year!  Your support and your product are unsurpassed!
  • Our Head Judges, Danielle Beauregard, Dave Collette, Randy Garvin and Todd Morningstar, were cool, calm and collected throughout the weekend (even after three days of being on their feet)!
  • We are in awe of the attention to detail and team work displayed by our Pit Bosses Val Pearson and David Murphy; they were simply brilliant!
  • Our Score Keepers, Pam Murphy, Sue Ethier, Kim Shreve, Pam Schultz, Lisa Gleason, and Pam Lee; worked closely with our judges and pit bosses to insure all times and wins were recorded. Such an important part of the process; executed with excellence!
  • Rodney Kerth, our Workers-Coordinator; came prepared to manage the many position-assignments and he did a great job scheduling the worker slots to help our event run smoothly!
  • Sue Ethier, you are truly the ‘Multi-Task-Gear’ of our event, and your tireless efforts and soothing smile were perfect!
  • We have been supported for many years by Run Riot, CDS and Rude Dogs flyball teams; and this year was no different! They were everywhere, helping again; sorting ribbons, setting up tables, assembling easels, and the list goes on!  Thank you for supporting us once again!
  • Set-up and tear-down was supported by a dedicated group of people who worked hard to prepare the event, and then made sure all was stowed away for next year. As those of you know who have hosted a tournament, this is not a light task!  Kevin Hesse, Jim Sova, Craig Knowles, Ron Corey, Dave Collette, Wicked Flyball Team, your hard work helped us so much - we could not have done it without you!
  • Judy Hagan, ‘Miscellaneous Manager’, supplying any and everything we needed from items for the judges meeting, blankets, and instant peanut butter sandwiches! You were so needed and sincerely appreciated! 
  • Our small but mighty Championship Committee not only dedicated time for months in advance; but rose to the occasion and addressed so many details over the weekend, they are impossible to list. Kate Corum, Jenni Hesse and Rosalyn Russell - you absolutely rocked it!
  • ‘Runner Extraordinaire’, Jake Knowles, a part of our team for many years, – Thank you so much for the great job!
  • Elizabeth Krier-Nixon’s ability to fill so many different positions was super valuable, and we were glad to have her be a part of the team. Awesome job!
  • Charles County 4-H Dog Care - such a great group of workers! Thanks for being so dependable and willing to support our event year after year.
  • The event staff at Purnia is amazing and we truly appreciate all they did to help us execute the details of our event!


The U-FLI Flyball Community is incredibly good to us, and we sincerely appreciate all that was done to help our event be a success!  Many people simply stepped up without being asked and filled in on countless tasks at the event. It is always difficult to thank everyone, when so many helped, but please know you are appreciated even if your name is not listed.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your wonderful highlight posts of the weekend memories on face book.  We have seen so many encouraging comments of clubs working together to help each other strive to compete – truly a model for inspiration not always seen in a competitive sport!

Looking forward to seeing all of you again next year!

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