• Oct 18 The 2019 U-FLI Tournament of Champions
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Important Photography Info!

Monday, October 16, 2017

If you've played flyball in the Eastern US, you may have already heard of Fur Fetched Photography. And we hope you've seen Irene Cotter's amazing shots!  We're big fans of her photography and are honored she will be our official 2017 Championship photographer!  Based in Raleigh, NC, Irene has been shooting flyball since about 2010.  "It's a huge challenge to capture dogs running as fast as they can, with a 180-degree turn, in often poorly lit venues," she says. "Freezing a split second of time and letting owners see what their dogs are doing down at the far end of the lanes is what I love." Irene will be joined by another passionate photographer, Liz Werner, known to many as Liz Inmotion.  "I love dog photography because it creates memories that can last a lifetime," Werner says. "I lost a dog suddenly last year and wish that I had more pictures of her doing what she loves! Nothing makes me happier than creating images a dog owner can cherish." If you're a fan of box shots, you're in luck! These are Irene and Liz's favorite clicks!  And if you're camera shy, beware!  Both also love capturing intimate shots of handlers and their dogs. We're also thrilled to announce that our premiere sponsor, Olivier Morin from 1-TDC, will be capturing candid and casual photos throughout the weekend, making them available free of charge via the 1-TDC facebook page. We've taken great care this year to work with photographers intimately familiar with the sport of flyball and hope you enjoy their work as much as we do. Out of respect for our official photographers (and professional courtesy), we kindly ask that all non-official photographers, local drop ins, hobby photographers or those 'hired' by teams, refrain from any racing photography during the three-day event. Any non-official photographers ringside during racing will be asked to pack away their equipment immediately. We hope you respect the talents and efforts of Irene, Liz and Olivier, and support their amazing work this year at Championships. We are looking forward to seeing this year's photographs! Until then, click here to view Irene's galleries. And click here to view Liz's gallery. NOTE: Cell phone photos are permitted ringside during the event. All teams are welcome to do team photos in the ring, etc. after racing is over each day. We encourage you to share your photos and videos on the UFli Group ToC Album for all to enjoy!

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