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Top Dog and Team Certificates

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Every year U-FLI is amazed to see the times that teams, pairs, single dogs and individual breeds achieve in the racing ring!� We are pleased to recognize the excellence exhibited by these fine dogs and handlers by awarding to them customized certificates to commemorate their accomplishments.

The 2014 certificates are in the mail and should be received soon!

Congratulations to all!

Below is a list of the recepients:

Variety Teams
Number One Mighty Mutts 16.546
Number Two Heat Wave 17.049
Number Three Swoop Dog 17.064
Number Four Slammers 17.145
Number Five Canine Express 17.230
Number Six Surf City Flyball 17.723
Number Seven Fur in a Blur 17.939
Number Eight SD Flyball 18.146
Number Nine Motor City Mayhem 18.203
Number Ten SoCal Frequent Flyers 18.591

Standard Teams
Number One Touch N Go 14.182
Number Two Stampede 14.670
Number Three X 14.698
Number Four Hyper Flight 14.741
Number Five Top Dog Racers 15.105
Number Six High Velocity 15.272
Number Seven Synergetic Surge 15.319
Number Eight Slammers 15.346
Number Nine Sure Shots 15.556
Number Ten Burnin Rubber 15.582

Pairs Teams
Number One Hyper Flight Shockawatt 6.996
Number Two TNG Detail & Action 7.073
Number Three Hyper Flight Deck & Gator 7.223
Number Four TimeShift Eve & Gator 7.442
Number Five Bi-State Spyro & Chant 7.492
Number Six Hyper Flight Boost & Clever 7.560
Number Seven Sure Shots Boogies 7.685
Number Eight TNG Slayer & Caffeine 7.726
Number Nine Zip & Co 7.813
Number Ten RPM Dog Sports Monkey Business 7.828

Single Dogs
Number One PSF Everest 3.516
Number Two RR's Dragon Tattoo 3.526
Number Three OutRun's Dragon Power 3.545
Number Four RR's My Secret Weapon 3.546
Number Five WoodBe One Smart Cookie 3.565
Number Six Shock 3.566
Number Seven Out Run's Later Gator 3.581
Number Seven Come Back & Getcha' 3.581
Number Eight WoodBe High-BTU Burner 3.585
Number Nine Outrun's Dawn of the Dragon 3.586
Number Ten RR's Crouching Witness, Hidden Dragon 3.587

Fastest by Breed
American Cocker Spaniel Golden Eye Pix of Six 5.446
Australian Cattle Dog Bentley 4.339
Australian Kelpie LaPrele's Renegade of Red 3.929
Australian Shepherd Wyatt 4.078
Beagle Pretzel 6.553
Beauceron Enno Des Ombres Valeureux 6.399
Belgian Shepherd, Groenendale Masterpiece's E Stir It Up 4.232
Belgian Shepherd, Malinois Mohawk's Grendel 3.787
Belgian Shepherd, Tervuren G'Lava du fosseret 4.802
Bichon Frise Kay Tay Gonzo 6.238
Border Collie Break Out's Ultimate Liar 3.703
Border Terrier Wild West Rodeo Flyer 6.262
Boston Terrier Jet Fighter's Super Sonic 4.966
Bull Terrier Vegas 5.422
Cairn Terrier Lucky 6.740
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Quigli� Gable Jr. 6.054
Chihuahua Mini Monster 4.786
Chinese Crested Dog Pixel 5.999
Dachshund Bentley 6.084
Danish Swedish Farmdog Stolta Ebbas Einride 5.326
Dobermann Blu Stone Master of Disaster v Zuma 4.429
Dutch Shepherd Sabian 4.151
English Bulldog Diesel 5.811
English Setter Harmony's Kia 5.173
Field Spaniel Wicksford's Sir Tory 6.094
Fox Terrier (Smooth) Cat 4.492
German Shepherd Wallace's Euro-Michigan Madness 4.177
German Short-haired Pointer Flare 3.960
German Wire-haired Pointer Newman 6.013
Golden Retriever Topbrass Nutmeg 4.247
Harrier Bossanova 5.089
Italian Greyhound Alfheim-Avagadro Can't Wait 4.810
Jack Russell Terrier Cruchen Competition 4.326
Labrador Retriever Eromit's C Single Shot 3.851
Mastiff Tempe 4.376
McNab Dexter Fadden 6.040
Miniature Australian Shepherd Zero G's Jam-Min' Spitfire Adelaide 4.176
Miniature Schnauzer Brandenburg's Orion 4.754
Mixed Breed PSF Everest 3.516
Mudi Kiralytanyai Tavasz 4.286
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Molly B 4.236
Papillon - Continental Toy Spaniel Draco Ruler Of The Autobots 5.103
Parson Russell Terrier Mood Manipulator 4.946
Patterdale Royal's ResQs Crossing the Border 4.693
Petit Basset griffon vend�en Dash 8.258
Poodle, Miniature Booge Lady 6.350
Pug Rusty Roo 8.825
Pumi Csunyatelepi Gyongyvirag 5.580
Queensland Heeler Fred 4.463
Rat Terrier No Stoppin Da Charger 4.356
Rhodesian Ridgeback Riot! 4.623
Schnauzer Keygolde Reeses 4.779
Shetland Sheepdog Kula's On the Rox 4.579
Shih Tzu TEDDY 6.840
Siberian Husky Driven Spirit's Silent Runner (Sam) 4.847
Silky Terrier Khloey 5.708
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kryptonite Beowulf tempest 4.084
Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Chaos 4.133
Toy Fox Terrier A Moo Cow For You 5.616
Vizsla - Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog Windrunner's Ground Control 4.668
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Victoria's Canterbury Tail-less 4.603
West Highland White Terrier Bella Vista's Ready-Set-Go! 8.070
Whippet WoodBe One Smart Cookie 3.565

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