• Oct. 6 - 8

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Program Highlights

The Jumps: U-FLI believes that Flyball is a sport for all dogs, big and small and has adopted jump heights to accommodate all sizes and shapes of dogs. The jumps are set at a minimum of 6" and a maximum of 12". By keeping jump heights low we can anticipate that our pets will be able to participate in Flyball well into their senior years.

Measuring Method: U-FLI recognizes that dogs come in all different conformations, so U-FLI has adopted a measuring methodology (patent pending) based on the length of the long bone of the dog's front leg. This measuring method provides accurate, consistent measurements

Scoring/Points: Points toward flyball titles are awarded for each heat in which a dog races. And to encourage the competitive spirit of flyball, 5 bonus points are awarded to the winning dogs in each heat.

Titles/Awards: To recognize the efforts of dogs and handlers, U-FLI rewards many levels of achievement. Based on points earned during racing, pins and plaques are awarded.

Affinity Award Program:  Combine all points earned from any Flyball Sanctioning Organization Worldwide, with your U-FLI points and earn exciting new titles!

Junior Handler Program: U-FLI is proud to support and encourage flyball as a family sport. As such, special recognition is given to Junior Handlers. U-FLI awards certificates, pins and plaques for advancing levels of participation.

Championship Tournament: An annual U-FLI Championship tournament recognizes champions in various time divisions. Flyball teams gain eligibility by participating in U-FLI sanctioned tournaments throughout the year and by placing in a Regional Qualifier event.

Types of Teams:
Regular - Consists of four to six dogs and handlers from the same club. Regular teams are eligible to participate and place in all U-FLI Classes as well as participate in U-FLI Championship events.

Pickup Team - Another one of the fresh ideas that U-FLI has created is the flyball Pickup Teamâ„¢; which consists of any four to six dogs and handlers, regardless of club affiliation. All dogs on Pickup Teamsâ„¢ receive points toward U-FLI titles, Dogs may participate on Pickup Teamsâ„¢ without effecting their club affiliation.

Exhibition - This classification enables a team to replace a dog on the racing roster during a tournament so that they can continue to race. This allows teams that would have otherwise been unable to finish the tournament continue to race. At the time a team declares themselves Exhibition, they may no longer advance in the tournament standings but all racing dogs will still earn U-FLI points!

Classes of Racing:
Standard - A team consisting of four to six dogs, any breed, mix or size. Points are awarded toward U-FLI titles.

Variety - A team consisting of four to six dogs – only one of each breed can run at a time. Points are awarded toward U-FLI titles.

Singles - A team of one dog and one handler, racing against the clock. A Singles Racing pin is awarded after participation in 10 Singles events on different weekends.

Pairs - A team of two dogs and two handlers, racing against the clock. A Pairs Racing pin is awarded after participation in 10 Pairs of events on different weekends.

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