• Oct. 6 - 8
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About Us

The United Flyball League International, Inc. (U-FLI) was founded in November 2004 as a sanctioning and titling organization by a group of flyball veterans aiming to re-establish flyball as a fun, family-friendly dog-sport.

U-FLI strives to maintain this welcoming environment by:

  • Encouraging participation by any breed or mix of dog
  • Maintaining low, safe jump heights set between 6"-12"
  • Allowing a maximum box size of 20" high X 30" deep X 30" wide to accommodate larger dogs
  • Creating a unique measuring method that is accurate, fast and fair - One measurement is good for life
  • Providing opportunities for dogs to participate with any club, any time, without penalty on Pickup Teams at all U-FLI sanctioned events
  • Offering a wide selection of Classes of Competition-Standard, Variety (four different breeds), Singles and Pairs
  • Promoting youth participation in the Junior Handler Award program
  • Hosting an Annual Championship Tournament that focuses on all divisions of racing
  • Providing easy, on-line registration

The U-FLI team is continuously developing new programs, classes and events to preserve the traditional sport of flyball while creating additional opportunities to meet the diverse interests of our participants.

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