• Oct. 6 - 8
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Baby Gates

Accordian like barriers used between lanes in practice or warm up to prevent crossing over or missing hurdles. They may also be used to help guide a dog into its lane of jumps.


When a dog fumbles the ball. This usually happens at the box, during or immediately following the dog’s attempt to catch the ball. In most cases, the dog will pick the ball up and take it’s jumps on the return, but sometimes, it will cut out of the jumps.


A "class" of racing identifies a specific type of Flyball racing. In U-FLI there are two types of classes; Standard and Special. The Standard class of racing is open to all dogs without any restrictions. The Special class of racing allows for other types of racing such as; Singles and Pairs or Variety (no two dogs may be the same breed in a lineup).

Clean Run

When a dog and or team completes the course without errors.

Cut Out

When a dog goes around and does not take its jumps.

Early Pass

When the outgoing dog passes the start line prior to the return dog crossing the finish line.

False Start

When the start dog crosses the start line prior to the start sequence completing and the green light coming on the timing system.


This is when a dog or person is bleeding. It is usually only a real concern when it is the dog. ;)

Stop everything and take care of the dog. When a handler bleeds, it is easy to just get someone else to handle the dog.

No Finish

When a team is unable to complete the course during a heat. Sometimes, the judge will blow the heat dead after the team has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to complete.


A dog is required to run the course again, when there has been an error while it was on the course. Dogs needing to rerun must be ran after all other dogs in the lineup have ran their initial run and they must be rerun in the order that they same order they initially ran.

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