• Jun 5-5 Cancellation of 2020 U-FLI Championship
Batman TFE-I (4005 points)
Border Collie
Jump Height: 12"
Owner: Laura Sigler
Club: Smashville Speedsters
Date Event Location Class Points
06-25-16 GROOVIN GROVE, OK Standard 165
06-26-16 GROOVIN IN GROVE VII GROVE, OK Standard 300
03-10-18 Whistlestop Chattanooga, TN Standard 320
03-11-18 Whistlestop Chattanooga, TN Standard 410
11-10-18 13th Annual U-FLI Tournament of Champions Gray Summit, MO 1125
03-16-19 Whistlestop Chattanooga, TN Standard 405
03-17-19 Whistlestop Chattanooga, TN Standard 465
10-19-19 14th Annual U-FLI Tournament of Champions Gray Summit, MO Standard 815

Singles Racing

Date Event Location Time
06-25-16 GROOVIN GROVE, OK 4.508

Pairs Racing

Date Event Location Pairs Team Name Time
10-18-19 U-FLI Dream Teams Gray Summit, MO Smashville Speedsters #2 (Max) 8.703


Award Date Level I Level II Level III
Top Flight 06-25-16 03-10-18 03-10-18 03-11-18
Top Flight Executive 03-16-19 10-19-19
Top Flight Premier
Top Flight First Class
Top Flight World Class
Top Flight Extreme
Top Flight Ultimate
Top Flight Expert      
Top Flight Ace      
Top Flight Champion      
Top Flight Specialist      
Top Flight Elite      
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