• Oct 18 The 2019 U-FLI Tournament of Champions
Tucker TF-II (950 points)
Jack Russell Terrier
Jump Height: Not Measured
Owner: Fatima Thatcher
Club: Rabid Racers
Date Event Location Class Points
08-14-11 Rabid Storm Saanichton, BC Standard 345
04-07-12 Easter Tournament Saanichton, BC Standard 605

Singles Racing

Date Event Location Time
08-13-11 Rabid Storm Saanichton, BC 7.635

Pairs Racing

Date Event Location Pairs Team Name Time
04-03-10 Spring Storm Saanichton, BC Tin Tin/Tucker (Tin Tin) 12.696
04-04-10 Spring Storm Saanichton, BC Rabid Racers (Ella) 11.663


Award Date Level I Level II Level III
Top Flight 08-14-11 04-07-12 04-07-12
Top Flight Executive
Top Flight Premier
Top Flight First Class
Top Flight World Class
Top Flight Extreme
Top Flight Ultimate
Top Flight Expert      
Top Flight Ace      
Top Flight Champion      
Top Flight Specialist      
Top Flight Elite      
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